Friday, July 29, 2005


Well... AS I said life is fun..... But its the parts inbetween that get me. Now what to do?

Lifes fun but sadly...

Ironic and moronic. I might edit this and post further.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well My sax setup....

I play the sax. Its just me. I don't think I know anyone who ever rememebers a time I didn't. I have a nice little setup I'm happy with. It plays well it sounds good and it has all the features I need. Even though I drool over the pretty canonballs and customs I still like my set up. Its starting to wear and look more unique every day. I do want a mark IV but I can live without that and maybe get a Referal which uses the basic structure of the marks. My setup is an A55 Vandoren Jumbo Java With Medium La Voz reeds. I have a Yamaha Profesional. Its a nice easy play and really fun. I do wish I had a canonball. So nice and flexible. For that I need a job or enough people reading this to make money off adds.

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Well I have 2 things to add to today. Mozilla updated and I have got a new program called trillian. Trillian is great but mozilla is bugging really bad. Anyone?


Did you miss me? I missed myself. Ok well the news for today. I plan on making a miniamp and posting pictures along with making a directional radio scrambler. The micro amp can be found at hackaday under audio hacks. Radio scrambler is just a basic know how of my knowledge being combined into a usefulness project. While I'm here I might as well say I like jazz and if you have some extra money and you too like jazz I suggest you pick up the coltrane and davis collection from columbia. Its wonderful full of nice wonderful jazz from recordings to jam sessions. I like it alot and I bet you will to. Now if you like Kenny G you can stop reading this blog. I hvae listened to him on various occasions and I still shudder at his lack of style. That is all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I bet no one reads this....

Ok my wow has decided to quit on me. I can't see the text and I don't know where my disks are. thats a problem. I hope I can solve it soon.On another note I'm leaving friday and won't return till the monday after the next monday. Soooo. Whats up?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Oil Computer

If you were in my guild and were paying attention to me (bad idea) you might have heard me talk of an oil cooled computer. The guy who first did it was german and was very hard to understand because of the germanes of his paper. So another guy tried to do it and succeded for a little bit that is untill it cracked. Well I can't explain it any better go forth and read.


today I ran zf. It was an ok but nothing spectacular. I actaully was made to solo some of the bosses like the hydramancer and the shadow priest after 100 trolls. I love soft soakable casters.

Well Ea has told everyone to downgrade their bf 2 games that updated. Stupid EA.

If you watched attack of the show yesterday(monday) one of the hosts was wearing a miles davis shirt. Also I think tech tv is going to show Voltron Force on anime unleashed. That is one of my first anime addictions ever. I love voltron force.

Adult swim on monday started showing cowboy bebop again. I can do that series words up to the first ten episodes and I can sing every lyric to each song. Beautifully made and with the wonderful sound track done by yoko kanno none the less.

well see you space cowboy.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

jazz sax

I am a fan of music beyond all hell. I love it. I get some of my best info here.
Its a great source of parts info. The guy who owns the site also plays in a band so he has some of his rehersals up there. Its always cool to hear what people say when they are at rehersals.

lets start this off....



ahh I got it.....

Currently I am listening to Gorillaz, Demon days. Good CD with lots of variations. I am also listening to miles davis and coltrane collection from columbia. Great jazz artists which are in their own leagues. Well tell me what you are listening to in comments and I'll see if I can get some mentions in here. If you have a local band you want posted up here just post it here with a site I can link to and they will also get mentions.

Games Currently playin are bf2 wow and a bunch of other crap browser based rpgs. As said in paragraph above pleae post games or mods you are currently playing. I will also from time to time post mods I'm looking at.

Webcomics suck up a huge amount of my time so I will be posting I think a weekly publish about the comics I'm reading. Have a comic worth mentioning post here for a mention on the main page.

well thats all I'm thinking at the moment.

I will be with you soon wow.

Hello Gentlemen.

This blog is here today to show what I am thinking. I will post things I find cool and other things. Music tech games whatever. Its mine and shall follow that rule forever.