Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Well My sax setup....

I play the sax. Its just me. I don't think I know anyone who ever rememebers a time I didn't. I have a nice little setup I'm happy with. It plays well it sounds good and it has all the features I need. Even though I drool over the pretty canonballs and customs I still like my set up. Its starting to wear and look more unique every day. I do want a mark IV but I can live without that and maybe get a Referal which uses the basic structure of the marks. My setup is an A55 Vandoren Jumbo Java With Medium La Voz reeds. I have a Yamaha Profesional. Its a nice easy play and really fun. I do wish I had a canonball. So nice and flexible. For that I need a job or enough people reading this to make money off adds.


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