Sunday, July 10, 2005

lets start this off....



ahh I got it.....

Currently I am listening to Gorillaz, Demon days. Good CD with lots of variations. I am also listening to miles davis and coltrane collection from columbia. Great jazz artists which are in their own leagues. Well tell me what you are listening to in comments and I'll see if I can get some mentions in here. If you have a local band you want posted up here just post it here with a site I can link to and they will also get mentions.

Games Currently playin are bf2 wow and a bunch of other crap browser based rpgs. As said in paragraph above pleae post games or mods you are currently playing. I will also from time to time post mods I'm looking at.

Webcomics suck up a huge amount of my time so I will be posting I think a weekly publish about the comics I'm reading. Have a comic worth mentioning post here for a mention on the main page.

well thats all I'm thinking at the moment.

I will be with you soon wow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice blog bas!


6:13 PM  
Blogger baslisks said...

thanks man

6:22 PM  

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