Tuesday, July 12, 2005


today I ran zf. It was an ok but nothing spectacular. I actaully was made to solo some of the bosses like the hydramancer and the shadow priest after 100 trolls. I love soft soakable casters.

Well Ea has told everyone to downgrade their bf 2 games that updated. Stupid EA.

If you watched attack of the show yesterday(monday) one of the hosts was wearing a miles davis shirt. Also I think tech tv is going to show Voltron Force on anime unleashed. That is one of my first anime addictions ever. I love voltron force.

Adult swim on monday started showing cowboy bebop again. I can do that series words up to the first ten episodes and I can sing every lyric to each song. Beautifully made and with the wonderful sound track done by yoko kanno none the less.

well see you space cowboy.


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